Ride A Tram To The Bottom Of The Gorge To Eat or Sleep At This West Virginia Lodge

West Virginia State Parks dole out infinitely fun opportunities for making memories. And while most of us have likely at least heard of Pipestem, not everyone knows it has a special aerial tramway that goes all the way to the bottom of the Bluestone River Gorge. What’s more: there is a creek side lodge and restaurant at the bottom of that gorge and the only way to get there is by way of the tram!

When was the last time you visited Pipestem Resort State Park? Have you ever ridden the tram? We’d love to know!

Pipestem Resort State Park is located at 3405 Pipestem Dr., Pipestem, WV 25979. The Mountain Creek Lodge and Mountain Creek Restaurant in the bottom of the gorge are open seasonally from May through October. Dinner reservations are required. Ticket prices for a tram ride vary by age. Learn more on the official website for West Virginia State Parks!