The One-Of-A-Kind Trail In West Virginia With 38 Bridges and 10 Tunnels Is Quite The Hike

Some of the most beautiful hikes in America are found here in our own backyard in the Mountain State. Many people don’t realize how much tourism plays a role in our state’s economy, but over time it’s become the biggest industry in West Virginia. And what do they come for? The beauty! We certainly have enough of it! Speaking of which… check out the following awesome rail trail that begins near I-77 just outside Parkersburg and extends for 72 miles crossing 38 bridges and passing through 10 historic rail tunnels.

The North Bend Rail Trail essentially runs parallel to US Route 50 between Parkersburg and Grafton, although farther to the south. It’s 72 miles long, with several shorter segments available. Get more information, including directions to the various entry point/trailhead locations, at this link on the official website for the North Bend Rails To Trails Foundation.

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