This 200-Year-Old Inn Overlooking A Waterfall Offers The Perfect West Virginia Getaway

Not many travelers know about the historic, 200-year-old inn that fronts Kanawha Falls in beautiful Glen Ferris, West Virginia. But this under-the-radar inn that also doubles as a restaurant is worth knowing about. In fact, it’s the perfect spot for your next getaway in Almost Heaven! Where else can you spend a relaxing few days resting and dining at a comfortable, beautiful, 200-year-old inn overlooking a waterfall? Only right here at The Historic Glen Ferris Inn in West Virginia.

Have you ever stayed at the Glen Ferris Inn? How about that waterfall view? Book your trip at the Glen Ferris Inn website or visit them on Facebook. A wild, wonderful West Virginia stay is just a click away! And, while you’re planning your trip here, check out how to paddleboard right up to the base of Kanawha Falls.

Address: The Historic Glen Ferris Inn, 9022 Midland Trail Route 60, Glen Ferris, WV 25090, USA