Enjoy Mouthwatering Hot Dog Pastries At The Spring Hill Pastry Shop In West Virginia

When it comes to food, we do things a little differently (and better!) here in West Virginia. Case in point: the hot dog pastry. In most places in America, if you ask for a ‘hot dog pastry,’ you’ll likely get home to find some tiny hot dog baked inside some froofroo, lightweight, puffy pastry. But not in the Mountain State, especially at this small historic bakery in South Charleston that invented this delight. Some people say this bakery makes the best hot dog pastries in West Virginia.

Is this your favorite place to get hot dog pastries in West Virginia? Let us know in the comments! Spring Hill Pastry is located at 600 Chestnut St., South Charleston, WV 25309. It’s open five days a week Tuesday through Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Learn more on their official website.

If your sweet tooth is now in overdrive, here are 10 more signature West Virginia desserts to try, too!

Address: 600 Chestnut St, Charleston, WV 25309, USA
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hot dog pastries in West Virginia

December 16, 2019

What are the best candy stores in West Virginia?

If your sweet tooth is still acting up, visit another magnificent West Virginia sweets shop. True Treats Historic Candy is one of the best in the state. Head to Harpers Ferry and prepare to be amazed. This nostalgic shop is full of timeless classics and unique treats. Two Bites Candy, located in Huntington, is another must-visit candy store. This charming shop has some of the most mouthwatering chocolate you’ve ever eaten. It’s a great place to purchase a gift for a loved one!

Where can I get the best donuts in West Virginia?

You’ll find plenty of wonderful donuts in West Virginia. JR’s Donut Castle, located in Parkersburg, has some of the best. Whether you like them glazed or frosted, you’ll be in sugar heaven when you stop by JR’s. In addition to their sweet treats, this unique shop sells savory pepperoni rolls. Bring the whole family and indulge in something truly spectacular.

What kind of desserts is West Virginia known for?

Hot dog pastries aren’t the only desserts in West Virginia. Locals also love digging in to the Strawberry pie from Jim’s Spaghetti. Take a trip to Huntington and order yourself a slice ASAP. During “Strawberry Pie Week,” this charming diner sees hundreds of hungry pie-lovers. If you loved this, then you’ll also want to taste the German stollen from Shepherdstown Sweet Shop Bakery. This traditional dessert is a scrumptious fruit bread that’s full of nuts and spices. It’s usually served only during Christmas and Easter, but its immense popularity inspired Shepherdstown Sweet Shop Bakery to make it all year long.

Address: 600 Chestnut St, Charleston, WV 25309, USA