One Of The Oldest Family-Owned Restaurants In West Virginia Is Also Among The Most Delicious Places You’ll Ever Eat

What’s on the dinner menu in your house this week? Here’s a helpful piece of advice, in case you’re looking to fill it up with something special and different: it’s always a good week to add in a meal at one of the oldest and best restaurants in West Virginia, Leonoro’s Restaurant in Charleston, West Virginia.

To learn more about where to find Leonoro’s (the address is 1507 Washington Street East, Charleston, West Virginia) and when the restaurant is open, visit the Leonoro’s Spaghetti House Restaurant website or Facebook page. Still have gaps in the dinner menu for this week? Add in another memorable meal out at Laury’s Fine Dining Restaurant, also in Charleston.

Address: Leonoro's Spaghetti House, 1507 Washington St E, Charleston, WV 25311, USA