With Over 1300 Curves, The West Virginia Hellbender Is A Thrilling Motorsport Trail Ride

West Virginia has so many scenic highways and byways; even if you have driven many of them, there’s always at least one more you haven’t gotten to yet. And once you’ve done them all, you can always do them again in another season. But if you’re looking for a good loop to do soon, consider this newly designated scenic route, the West Virginia Hellbender. It offers a great ride for cars, but it’s even better for motorcycles–with over 1300 curves, gorgeous panoramic views, and plenty of restaurants, this is a perfect place to come ride the day away!

To learn more about the W.V. Hellbender, visit the Ride Richwood website or the W.V. Hellbender Facebook page (you can also keep up with future planned rides).

And while you’re in the area, definitely stop in at the Oakford Diner, featured here on this list of delicious rural restaurants and one of the many sponsors of the W.V. Hellbender.

Address: 38 Edgewood Ave, Richwood, WV 26261, USA