Explore West Virginia’s Pioneer History At This Underrated State Park

“Life is old there, older than the trees.” So goes John Denver’s iconic ode to West Virginia, his hit song “Country Roads.” And it’s true. Life is old here. West Virginia history reaches its fingers way back into time. The New River alone, the oldest river in the world, represents eons. Millenia-old burial mounds signify human life here that long predates ours. And then there’s West Virginia’s pioneer era, one that’s slightly closer to our own time, yet still so foreign to our modern experience. Enter Watters Smith Memorial State Park, an underrated West Virginia state park that preserves some of our state’s earliest colonial heritage for our modern experience.

Learn more about the beautiful, educational, completely underrated Watters Smith Memorial State Park at the West Virginia State Parks website. Have you ever toured this sweet little historical park? The museum is only open seasonally, so call ahead if you want to make sure you catch it open for tours. Otherwise, there’s still plenty to enjoy with a wander around the park grounds. And interestingly, Watters Smith’s place isn’t the only famous farm here in Lost Creek, West Virginia.

Address: Watters Smith State Park, Lost Creek, WV 26385, USA