130 Years Ago, White-Tail Deer Had Nearly Vanished From West Virginia

Here’s something you might find hard to believe: West Virginia’s white-tail deer population almost went the way of the West Virginia elk and the West Virginia buffalo. That’s right, 130 years ago, white-tail deer had pretty much vanished from West Virginia’s forests. They actually had to be reintroduced from another state! Read on to learn more about the almost-disappearance of the beautiful animal that now thrives to the point, at times, of a nuisance here in West Virginia.

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How do you feel about West Virginia’s plethora of deer? Do you see them often? Did you know how close they came to extinction?

If you found this information interesting, you might also like to read about the work the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources is doing to restore West Virginia’s elk population. The elk haven’t taken off like the deer have yet, but here’s hoping one day they will thrive again here as well!

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