Named Best Retirement State In The Nation, West Virginia Is An Affordable Haven For Retirees

In an uncertain economy, retirees face new challenges. MoneyRates, a rate-comparison site, has been helping those looking ahead to their later years by ranking all 50 states in terms of retirement since 2011. But rather than analyzing beach vs. mountain views, which is what many people may think of when they dream of retirement, the MoneyRates analysts consider several more practical factors: things like cost of living, taxes, safety, lifestyle, and healthcare.

MoneyRates recently released their state rankings for 2021, and topping the list (tied with Iowa) as the best state for retirement in the nation is West Virginia.

Not that you need more convincing, but just in case, here are a few photos that prove that West Virginia’s nickname of “Almost Heaven” is well-deserved. What a great place to retire!

Address: West Virginia, USA