There’s A Paranormal Museum In West Virginia And It’s Full Of Fascinating Oddities, Artifacts, And More

If you’ve been a fan of West Virginia for any time at all, you already know that the Mountain State is full of fascinatingly creepy museums. It’s because we have such a fascinatingly creepy history! We’ve got museums dedicated to Mothman, Bigfoot, and the Flatwoods Monster, all of which have been sighted in West Virginia. But perhaps the scariest of all the collections to be found in West Virginia is the collection of artifacts known as the Archive of the Afterlife, the National Museum of the Paranormal.

To learn more about the operating hours and admission prices of the Archive of the Afterlife or their list of artifacts, visit the museum’s website here or their Facebook page here. For more spooky experiences, try those other West Virginia museums we mentioned earlier – Bigfoot, Mothman, or Flatwoods Monster.

Address: Archive of the Afterlife, "A Paranormal Museum", 86 Railroad St, Cameron, WV 26033, USA