There’s no need to go hiking to see breathtaking waterfalls in Washington (though, of course, you can see plenty of waterfalls along our trails!).  You can find gorgeous cascades everywhere in the Evergreen State — even in our big cities. Case in point: this free park is hidden in the heart of Seattle, and it’s a perfect place to experience a bit of zen in the middle of a busy neighborhood. With stunning falls to see and lots of places to relax, this secluded hidden waterfall park in Washington makes for a wonderful little oasis.

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hidden waterfall park in Washington

Are there many waterfalls in Washington?

Yes -- there are numerous waterfalls in Washington -- over 100, in fact! In terms of superlatives, we love Palouse Falls. Quite possibly the most jaw dropping waterfall in the country, Palouse Falls looks like something out of a fantasy. Located in Palouse Falls State Park in southeastern Washington, the eponymous falls thunders over a chiseled, 200-foot basalt gorge, sending a spectacular stream of spray to all in its wake. It's also Washington's official state waterfall!

Does Washington have any other scenic urban parks?

Aside from UPS Waterfall Garden Park in Seattle, you'll find numerous other urban parks in Washington's big cities. For instance, did you know there was a lush forest hiding in Seattle? Schmitz Preserve Park is a perfect little oasis within city limits where you'll find one of the last stands of old-growth forest in the city. While it's far from the only place to take a nature walk in Seattle, the park remains delightfully uncrowded, and you just might have the forest to yourself, making it feel like your own little piece of paradise.

What are some other hidden places in Washington? 

In keeping with our theme of parks, did you know there was an urban beach in Seattle? Richmond Beach Saltwater Park is located on NW 190th Street in Shoreline (a stone's throw from Seattle), but only the locals seem to know it's there. The waterfront park has playground equipment, a dog-friendly area, and plenty of pristine beach. In addition to being lots of fun to visit, this hidden gem is also incredibly scenic, boasting postcard-perfect pristine Puget Sound views.

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