Discover One Of Washington’s Most Majestic Waterfalls – No Hiking Necessary

Here’s some good news: if you’ve ever wondered “are there any cool waterfalls near me,” there are hundreds of waterfalls in Washington, many of which are fairly easily accessible. But one of our most beautiful waterfalls not only requires no hike to reach, but it also happens to be sitting right in the middle of a city – and that’s part of what makes Spokane Falls so special.

As it turns out, there are more than 100 amazing waterfalls in Washington you’ll want to try and explore. With so many awesome waterfalls to choose from, it might be kind of intimidating at first, so why not start with Spokane Falls in Washington? Luckily, you can see plenty of waterfalls in Washington without much of a hike. These falls are all hiding in plain sight!

Address: Spokane Falls, Spokane, WA 99201, USA

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March 19, 2022

What are the most popular hiking trails with waterfalls in Washington?  

If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessed with finding the next epic hike to embark upon, braving rain or shine to reach your destination, and sometimes, you just kind of need that destination to be a waterfall. Luckily for us, there are more than 300 hikes in Washington that involve waterfalls (some of them have more than one waterfall), and each of them is more wonder-filled than the last. Some of the most popular hiking trails with waterfalls in Washington include the epic Franklin Falls Trail, which is within Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest and is just two miles long. It’s also pretty easy, which makes this trail super popular, especially during the summer months. Two of our favorite waterfalls in Washington are within the same park; head to Olympic National Park in Washington to enjoy Marymere Falls Trail (1.7 miles long) and Sol Duc Falls Nature Trail (1.6 miles long). The Skyline Trail Loop is incredible if you like a challenge, as it’s a grueling six-mile trek on the southern side of Mt. Rainier. Need to know more about the amazing places in Washington you already love? Check out this article filled with our favorite Washington waterfalls. 

What are some of the most popular hiking trails in Washington?  

Did you know that there are more than 3,800 hiking trails in Washington? Yep; there are SO many amazing places in Washington you can reach by a trail that it might be impossible to cover them all in one lifetime, but hey, you can try! Among the most popular hikes in Washington are ones like the above-mentioned Skyline Trail Loop, which is actually the second most popular trail in the state despite its challenging nature. Other popular hiking trails, however, are a bit easier, like the first-most-popular trail in Washington, the awe-inspiring Rattlesnake Ledge Trail. It can be found at the Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area and, despite being 5.3 miles long, is rated as moderate. Most folks can do that one! Finally, folks around here really love the Snow Lake Trail, Lake 22 Trail, and the amazing Wallace Falls via Woody Trail. Which of the best hikes in Washington will you do first?  

Address: Spokane Falls, Spokane, WA 99201, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.