9 Videos From Virginia That Went Viral And Got The World’s Attention

It’s Monday. Again. So I thought, why not start the week with a little fun? Here are some videos of people, places and things in Virginia that have gone viral and put our lovely home state in the limelight.

Take a look and get the week started off right with a laugh, some acts of kindness, at least one cute dog video and of course, Halloween lights.

1. Deer vs. Bicycle. Deer 1, Cyclist 0.

Jeff Plassmen was just minding his own business during the Monster Cross and Mountain Bike race at Pocahontas State Park when he got rolled by a runaway deer. He finished the race and enjoyed some internet fame when this video went viral almost immediately after he posted it.

2. Richmond Does the “Happy” Dance with a little help from Pharrell

From the mayor to the NBC 12 news team, Richmond “celebs” come together to get down to Pharrell’s latest “Happy” hit. A few hundred thousands views later and it’s still making people smile.

3. Beya the Non-Swimming Dog in Norfolk

I don’t know why this is so funny, it just is. It’s not that Beya CAN’T swim, it’s just that she can’t be bothered according to staff at Happy Tails Resort in Norfolk. She comes to the puppy pool a few times a week and it’s always the same thing.

4. Dance Cam Dance-Off. Challenge Accepted 

UVA nursing student shows off her mad moves at a basketball game against Louisville. She didn’t win, but she’s ready for a rematch according to The Washington Post.

5. Acts of Kindness In Nottoway County 

This is the kind of video I could watch all day. Tommy Adams from Crewe sets an example for all of us when he stops to help an elderly man shovel snow. The high school senior made it to national news after his photo and story went viral.


6. The Holderness Family of YouTube Fame take on 4th of July in Northern Virginia.

The Holderness Family danced their way into viral video super stardom with their Christmas pajamas video a few years back. And now they’ve turned DC traffic on the 4th of July into something we can laugh about. I guess sometimes you’ve gotta laugh to keep from crying, right?

7. The best Halloween lights display you will EVER see. Seriously. 

This family in Leesburg does it right with Halloween lights synced to “What Does the Fox Say.”

8. The Hampton Police get serious about holiday crime with this hilarious Jingle Bells Remix. 

9. How Animals Eat Their Food. 

Liberty University students Ian Deibert and Nick Sjolinder were just having some fun when they created this video. Little did they know it would become one of the top trending videos in the world just a few months later. Guess you never know what will make people laugh!

Hope these got your Monday started off right! Be sure to keep your camera or phone handy — you never know when you might get run down by a deer or need to compose a song in traffic.



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