These 7 Supper Clubs In Virginia Are The Best Kept Secrets In The State

Historically, a “Supper Club” was an establishment that also offered a social element. Intended to provide fine foods, entertainment and a “club” atmosphere, Supper Clubs were once a popular installment in many areas, often showing up as speakeasies, jazz clubs, and casual dining establishments. Today, the Supper Club is making a comeback, but with some variations. Ranging from true membership clubs, to intimate restaurants with a personal atmosphere, to secret “underground” groups, the Supper Club offers an old-fashioned twist to modern dining.

Check out these unique Supper Clubs in Virginia…in the end, you may be inspired to start one yourself.

With Supper Clubs and “underground restaurants” on the rise, sites like Bonappetour provide locations for existing, in-home dining clubs in your area. And if one doesn’t exist, who knows? You might just be inspired to start one yourself. In the meantime, let us know of any amazing Supper Clubs you know of that we might have missed. We would love to hear about them in the comments below!