Watch Your Step, More Rattlesnakes Are Emerging From Their Dens Around Virginia

There’s no time like summer to experience the great outdoors in Virginia. Yet even this magical season comes with a bit of a warning: rattlesnakes are emerging from their sleepy dens. Like many creatures that hibernate during the winter, rattlesnakes are noticing the warm weather and are basking in it. These slithery residents certainly aren’t out to get us, but they can be dangerous when provoked. Here’s why you’ll want to pay extra attention to where you’re stepping the next time you embark on a trail.

The Virginia Poison Control Center has noted that fewer than 15 people have died from rattlesnake bites in the past 30 years (and many of them did not seek medical help). Despite popular belief, it’s important not to try to suck the venom out of a bite. Instead, seek medical attention immediately. For a helpful guide about how to best treat a snakebite, you can click here.

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