These 14 Restaurants Serve The Best Mac & Cheese In Vermont

There are certain things in life that were simply meant to go together:  peanut butter & jelly, fish & chips, salt & pepper, to name a few.  Here in Vermont, home to some of the best comfort food in the world, there is one pairing that trumps all others: mac & cheese.

One of the best things about our beloved mac & cheese is that a with just a few ingredient tweaks, chefs can make the dish completely different from all others, each with their own personal flair. No two recipes are alike and we like to try them all – with our world famous cheeses, how can we not love this classic dish?  In fact, thousands of people come to the annual VT Mac & Cheese Challenge in Windsor to taste different recipes and vote for their favorite.

Here are 14 restaurants in Vermont that serves some epic mac & cheese dishes.  Bon appetite!

When it comes to Mac & Cheese, Vermonters have very personal and objective opinions. You may question the results, debate the order, or think we should replace some of these restaurants with places you think are more deserving. When it comes to Mac & Cheese, it would be surprising if there weren’t debates!

Did we miss a restaurant that has a mouthwatering Mac & Cheese dish?   We always read your comments and enjoy hearing what you think.