Driving On This Haunted Road In Utah After Dark Is Truly Terrifying

There are certainly some creepy places in Utah. We’ve brought you articles about many of the state’s supposedly haunted places. Today, however, we’re focusing on a road in the Beehive State that is said by many to be haunted by more than one ghost … drive this road after dark and you just might see some other-worldly spirits. Are you brave enough to drive on this haunted road in Utah?

Have you had any spooky experiences on this road in Utah? If so, please share them with us in the comments!

Interested in seeing more haunted places in Utah? We’ve planned out a Haunted Road Trip for you! Gas up the car and go for a drive!

Address: Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Utah 84121, USA
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Haunted road in Utah

October 30, 2021

Where are some haunted places in Utah that I should visit?

The Beehive States is home to some seriously spooky and creepy places. For example, one of the most haunted places in Utah for you to visit is Mountain Meadows. This haunted town in Utah is where the Mountain Meadows Massacre took place. During this terrible event, approximately 140 people died.

The Brigham Young Farmhouse, located at This is the Place Monument, is another one of the most haunted places in Utah and it is certainly worth a visit. This farmhouse is rumored to be haunted by multiple spirits including two of Brigham Young’s wives. Staff and guests have reported seeing Brigham Young himself and some of his wives in the home.

What are some of the most creepy places in Utah?

There are a handful of places in the state where you will experience chills down your spine during your visit. Fort Douglas, located in Salt Lake City, is one of these creepy places in Utah. Fort Douglas is the location of multiple suicides and murders between 1896 and 1901.

Also, the Salt Lake City Cemetery is one place that will give you a fright. This is another reportedly haunted place in Utah. Some individuals have reported seeing the ghost of a small child. There is also a rumor that at Emo’s Grave, a spirit will visit if you light a candle, circle his crypt three times, and then look into it.

If you head to Zion National Park in the southern part of the state, you might want to prepare yourself for a potentially spooky experience. Some tourists at this national park have reported seeing strange lights, hearing voices or footsteps when nobody was around, and even seeing apparitions throughout the park.

Address: Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Utah 84121, USA