Old Irontown Is Allegedly One Of Utah’s Most Haunted Small Towns

Old Irontown is said to be the very first ghost town in Utah. While its location might feel a little spooky, it’s the history of Old Irontown that makes visitors want to stop here when they visit the southern part of Utah.

Some consider Old Irontown to be a haunted ghost town because a lot isn’t known about this remote area in Dixie National Forest. In the 1870s, a few iron companies tried their luck in this part of Utah. However, due to the economic downturn at that time, the iron companies didn’t stay around very long. And, by the 1880s, all residents left the town.

Nowadays, Old Irontown’s unique history makes it an off-the-beaten-path stop for archeological buffs visiting Utah. Thirty years ago, the site was also added to the National Register of Historic Places.

To learn more about the history of Old Irontown and to plan your visit, check out the Frontier Homestead Museum Foundation.

Address: 37.6005° N, 113.4558° W