If you’ve lived in Utah very long, you’ve certainly encountered fry sauce, but did you know that it was invented right here in the 1950s? The iconic Beehive State condiment has spread across the country, and can even be purchased at grocery stores now, but it got its start at a little hamburger stand called Arctic Circle.

People tend to have strong opinions about fry sauce. Do you love fry sauce or do you avoid it at all costs? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

Learn more about this popular burger joint’s history on its Arctic Circle website, and follow its Facebook page to see what’s new.

Fry sauce is just one of the many delicious foods that people tend to crave when they leave Utah. Check out this list to learn about several others.

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Fry Sauce in Utah

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What are some more fun facts about Utah?

One fun fact about Utah is that fry sauce was invented here. We are certainly proud of this fact but, there are so many other cool facts about Utah that make you gain an even deeper appreciation for this great state that we call home. The following are just a few more fun facts about Utah:

  • Utah’s state cooking pot is the Dutch oven.
  • Lagoon is the oldest operating amusement park in America.
  • The man who invented the Frisbee, Walter Frederick Morrison, is from Utah.
  • Utah is the leading manufacturer of rubber chickens.
  • Utah is known as being home to the most charitable people in America.


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