Take This Road To Nowhere In Utah To Get Away From It All

Most of the time when we drive through the Beehive State, we’re on our way somewhere. Often, it’s work; when we’re lucky, we’re driving somewhere fun. Sometimes it’s nice to just drive without a destination in mind. The Alpine Loop can take you to some cool places (Timpanogos National Monument, Sundance, etc), and when you take a leisurely drive around the loop, you can really soak up some gorgeous scenery.

Of course, you can drive the Alpine Loop the opposite direction – starting from Provo Canyon and coming down American Fork Canyon. Either way, you’ll love this drive!

If you want to stop along the way to hike, camp or picnic, you’ll need to purchase a $6 recreation pass, which is good for three days. Because the road is so narrow, pulling a trailer is not allowed along this loop.

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