Utah is an absolutely stunning state, with sweeping views every way you look. Here are 13 scenic drives in Utah that are incredibly beautiful — so beautiful, in fact, that you’ll definitely want to take your time and savor the drive. Buckle up and let’s get going on some of the best scenic drives in Utah.

What other scenic drives in Utah would you recommend? What do you consider to be the best backroads in Utah? Let us know in the comments! And, before you head on any backroads in Utah, make sure to check out our list featuring the best road trip snacks.

If you prefer to take in the beauty of The Beehive State on foot, these 15 gorgeous hikes in Utah will not disappoint!

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Scenic Drives In Utah

What's the most beautiful place in Utah?

You don't expect us to pick just one (or two, or three), do you? Utah is just too beautiful to be contained in a list, but we'll try! Nestled in the mountains above Ogden, the Ogden Valley is just heavenly. Between the charming, rural communities of Eden and Huntsville, the popular Pineview Reservoir and two ski areas, there's lots to see and do in this pretty place.

Another stunner is Provo River Falls, one of Utah's most beautiful and most accessible waterfall. It's located along the Mirror Lake Scenic Highway (information in the article above!), above Kamas, and you can see it right from the parking lot. Here are 15 of the state's most beautiful places.

Are there any scenic overlooks in Utah?

There are! If you're enjoying one of our scenic drives in Utah, and find yourself wanting to stop and savor the views, you can most definitely do that at some of the state's many scenic overlooks. Bryce Canyon National Park has some of *the best* views in the state -- Inspiration Point is perhaps the prettiest, but you'll have to go and decide for yourself!

Why are some of Utah's scenic byways closed in the winter?

Utah is a total winter wonderland -- so much so, that many of its scenic byways shut down during the winter months. Between significant snowfall and other hazardous conditions, you'll want to avoid certain spots during the winter months. You can find all the road closures on the Utah Department of Transportation website Seasonal Road Closure page.