We all dream of escaping to a place where life just seems less complicated. A place that is filled with friendly people, clean air, and plenty of simple pleasures. If you’re looking for a town like that, check out this list of slow-paced small towns around the country where life is still uncomplicated and sweet. The best small towns in America are sure to delight any traveler.

Do you appreciate the simple life? Have you been to any of these small towns around the U.S.? Let us know! We love chatting about small towns here at Only In Your State, and we’d love to hear about your favorite places to live for a slower pace of life.

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best small towns in america

Where can I find more information about the best small towns in America?

Here at Only In Your State, we love featuring the best small towns in the USA. In fact, we're always encouraging our readers to get out and explore their own home state, or plan a getaway to see another state in a whole new way. Our series on Small Town Getaways will help you pick out the best places in America to visit for a charming getaway.

Where are the best slow-paced places to live in America?

Every state has plenty of charming, slow-paced places to live. Even in the busiest, most densely populated states like New Jersey, you can find charming small towns! If you really want to get away from it, consider a state with a low population like Wyoming or Montana. If you want to find the best places in America to live a simple life, browse Only In Your State's archives and see what small-town America is all about.