The 18 Most Gorgeous Scenic Train Rides You Can Take In America

Cars are king these days, but there’s something to be said for winding through the beautiful landscapes of America in an old-fashioned train car. These are the most scenic train rides in America, and they’ll allow you to see the sights without lifting a finger – except, perhaps, to lift your drink. Skip the traffic and cruise through the valleys, mountains, and fields of this nation on one of these dreamy railroad adventures.

There’s truly nothing like an classic railway adventure. For more U.S. travel inspiration, check out our list of the 24 places you absolutely must go in America in 2017.


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Most Scenic Train Rides in America

September 22, 2022

What is thought to be the most scenic train ride in America?  

Well, obviously, “most scenic” is certainly subjective. There are many rides one could consider the most scenic train ride in America, and that doesn’t really narrow it down! Among the top contenders for the best scenic train rides across the US are incredible excursions like the famous Rails to the Grand Canyon excursion, a five-day adventure that starts in Los Angeles and eventually brings adventurers to some of the most exquisite views of Arizona’s Grand Canyon there are. Another one worth mentioning is the ridiculously awesome Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, which offers up-close and immersive views of the most popular National Park in the United States.  

What are some of the best scenic train rides across the US?  

Of course, the list is nowhere near finished with the above two options – there are so many amazing scenic train excursions in the US that we cannot possibly list them all here. Other excursions certainly worth mentioning (and embarking upon) include the breathtaking Amtrak Adirondack, which is a ten-hour journey beginning in New York City that darts through upstate; it’s easily one of the best fall color train rides in the US! Then, there’s the Amtrak Empire Builder, which starts in Chicago and ends in Seattle, the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, which explores Cumbres Pass in the San Juan Mountains, and so many more.  

Where can I find amazing train vacations near me?  

No matter which part of the United States you’re coming from, you’re sure to find plenty of options while searching for the best train vacations near me. There are excursions that leave daily from the east coast, the west coast, the Midwest, the deep south, and everywhere in between. You’ll find train rides perfect for admiring fall foliage, basking in awe of the countryside, and so much more. Worst case, you may have to travel a couple of hours to reach the best scenic train ride near you, but we promise it’s worth it.  

Address: United States, United States

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.