This Popular Camping Trailer Will Soon Offer Unlimited Internet For A Year

If you’ve ever dreamed of packing a bag and setting off across the country in a trailer, this new RV makes that fantasy just a bit closer to reality.

Most of us need internet on a daily basis, but finding a connection while on the road can be tough. However, the 2019 Airstream Classic trailer will soon offer unlimited 4G LTE internet data for a year. The price for this service is just $360, which is an incredible savings over using your phone as a hotspot or buying data as you go.

Of course, the trailer itself retails for about $150,000, so chances are that anyone dropping that kind of cash on an RV might not be too worried about shelling out for a wifi connection on the road.

Still, this news will surely be welcomed by digital nomads across the nation. Less time looking for nearby a Starbucks means more time enjoying the freedom of the open road.