What Texas’s Major Cities Looked Like In The 1970s May Shock You. Houston Especially.

The 1970s were a prosperous time in Texas – people had had more than enough time to recover from the war and Great Depression, and everyone was ready to start really making progress. While that’s great from an economic standpoint, it also means many of our cities were starting to change into metropolises, big businesses and skyscrapers replacing our quaint downtown stores we loved so much. Quiet days strolling down Main Street became distant memories as more and more people starting flocking to the cities, and traffic began to be a nightmare. Sometimes, it’s nice to look back on simpler times before the hustle and bustle of corporate America fully took over. Here are some photos from major cities in Texas during the 1970s so you can do just that.

Did you live in Texas in the 1970s? What are some of your favorite memories?