Can you imagine calling your boss and saying, “Sorry, I’ll be late to work today because a man stopped traffic to propose to his girlfriend?” Sounds like a highly amplified rendition of the old “dog ate my homework” excuse, but it’s exactly what people had to say last December when 24-year-old Vidal Valladares Navas held up one of the busiest highways in Texas, I-45, to propose to 23-year-old Michelle Wycoff.

How did he do it? With the help of a few friends who stopped their cars and prevented trailing vehicles from continuing on the freeway, he knelt on one knee in the middle of the empty thoroughfare to ask Wycoff for her hand in marriage in the midst of incessant, blaring car horns of furious drivers. Quite romantic, don’t you think?

The Houston Police Department didn’t think so. Navas was scheduled to appear in court, facing the class B misdemeanor charge of obstructing a highway. But hey…at least she said yes! Maybe returning the rings in favor of symbolic costume jewelry would be enough to cover the fine.

Social media users weren’t too enamored with the proposal either, calling Navas’s actions “negligent” and “dangerous” and posting live recordings on YouTube with headlines like “Idiot Shuts Down a Major Highway for Marriage Proposal”.

Here’s live footage of the proposal as well as an exclusive interview of the couple themselves:

Did you hear about this story that made national news last year? What’s your opinion: do you think it was a sweet, romantic move on Navas’s part, or do you think he took things way too far?

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