Travel Back In Time At La Kiva, A Dinosaur-Themed Restaurant In A Texas Ghost Town

We all grew up watching the Flintstones and maybe even taking vitamins that looked like all of Bedrock’s characters. In Texas, one ghost-town restaurant has a prehistoric theme guaranteed to take you right back to those childhood Saturday morning cartoons. This quirky dinosaur-themed restaurant in Texas is worth going out of your way for. Check it out:

Please note, La Kiva is temporarily closed.


Have you ever eaten at La Kiva? What are your favorite themed restaurants in Texas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Address: 23222 Highway 170, Terlingua, TX 79852
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dinosaur-themed restaurant in Texas

March 16, 2020

What are the best themed restaurants in Texas?

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’ll definitely want to visit Galaxy B&G in Killeen. This down-home diner will whisk you away to another world. As you chow down on your delicious burger, you’ll see quirky stormtrooper artwork and Skywalker images. Go ahead and take a trip to the dark side. This place is definitely one of the best themed restaurants in Texas. To learn more about it, read our feature article here.

What are the most unique restaurants in Texas?

Hippie Chic’s, located along the Frio River, is one of the most unique restaurants in Texas. As soon as you step inside, you’ll feel like you were whisked back to the 1960s. The vibrant atmosphere will fill you with sweet nostalgia. It’s easy to see why this is such a wonderful summertime destination. Their outdoor dining area is full of charm. For another fun dining experience, visit Pirate’s Landing in Port Isabel. In addition to the restaurant, this destination has a fishing pier and a replica of a 17th century galleon ship! Plus, their seafood dishes are fresh and delicious. What’s not to love?

What are the best ghost towns in Texas?

There are so many fascinating ghost towns in Texas. In addition to Terlingua, West Texas is home to the town of Shafter. This once-bustling mining town is now an abandoned area full of history. If you loved exploring this unique place, pay a visit to Toyah. This place is clouded in creepy rumors. Who knows? You may even experience a bit of paranormal activity.

Address: 23222 Highway 170, Terlingua, TX 79852