History Left A Definite Mark At This Fascinating Building In Dallas

508 Park is a beautiful Art Deco building with a past. A quite exciting one, to be sure. This 1929 downtown Dallas building was once owned by Warner Brothers and was used for sound recordings for movies (then referred to as “talkies”). It was later used by Brunswick and Decca Records. In June 1937, its notoriety in the music world soared when legendary bluesman Robert Johnson strolled in to record some of his iconic tunes. The building’s popularity and beauty came and went, and its former glory was no more. Now, the building is making history once again. Here’s what makes this area known as 508 Park Dallas so fascinating:

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Have you visited this part of Dallas, either in the present or in the past, or perhaps watched this building’s rebirth to a rightful place of city history? Keep abreast of the Encore Park’s progress on its website. More changes will be happening soon!