One Of The Oldest Restaurants In Texas’ Third Ward Is A Culinary Masterpiece

There are plenty of historic restaurants in Texas that have stood the test of time, and one of them can be found nestled in the heart of Houston’s Third Ward. A designated cultural district, this diverse area of the city is home to Cream Burger, a local legend since 1946. This family-owned, cash-only joint is a major throwback, and the burgers are just as delicious as they were almost 80 years ago.

Cream Burger does not have a website or Facebook page, so your best bet is Googling the restaurant to see their current hours.

Have you ever been to Cream Burger? What other historic restaurants in Texas are worth trying? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to check out our previous article for a charming waterfront town that makes a perfect day trip from Houston.

Address: Cream Burger, 3481 Elgin St, Houston, TX 77004, USA