Warm Your Belly With This Scrumptious Chili Road Trip In Texas

Christmas is in a few days, and then it will officially be winter. Even though that usually doesn’t signify much of a weather change for us, I still find myself craving more warm, comforting foods this time of year. Chili is definitely one of those dishes – it’s like a warm hug to the heart and belly (but only if it’s done just right). Fortunately for us, this iconic food originated in the Lone Star State, so there are plenty of restaurants that hit the nail on the head in regards to flavor, spice, and, of course, leaving out those dreaded beans. This road trip lets you try nine of the very best bowls of chili in Texas – I hope you’re hungry!

The entire trip is about 550 miles and takes nine hours, so you could feasibly hit all the spots in one day. If you don’t think your stomach could handle all that eating and want to spread it out over two days, feel free to spend the night somewhere around the halfway point.

As usual, the Google Map with all the addresses and exact directions can be found here.

Would you be up for this road trip? What other restaurants should be part of it? Let us know!