Hollywood Built A Village Then Left It To Decay In Small Town Texas

Abandoned buildings are creepy enough, but entire abandoned villages are a different horror story. Alamo Village in Brackettville, a southwest Texas town in Kinney County, used to be a movie set for old Western films and shows before it was eventually left to decay into ruins. Imagine an entire town with a population of zero, with the only activity being the occasional tumbleweed blown around by the wind. An eerie thought indeed. This abandoned Hollywood village in Texas is straight out of a horror movie.

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Did you ever visit this abandoned Hollywood village in Texas before it closed? Would you like to see it reopen? For abandoned places in Texas that you can visit, check out this awesome road trip.

Address: Alamo Village, TX 78832, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Abandoned Hollywood Village in Texas

June 06, 2021

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When people think about historic places in Dallas, they usually think of the Alamo first. But, did you know that the Lone Star State is home to lots of other historically significant places, too? Sure is! To this day, you can visit the exact spot where President John F. Kennedy died in 1963, as well as the hotel from which his assailant fired at him. The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is also a fascinating place with historic significance; the Alamo may be the most famous mission in the state, but the four missions included at San Antonio Missions NHP are often overlooked. Be sure to check them out! 

Have they ever shot any movies in Texas?

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Address: Alamo Village, TX 78832, USA