The One Beach In Tennessee Where You Can Drive Right Up To The Water

The idea of a beach in Tennessee may seem a little wild, but there actually is a sandy beachfront in the center of the state that’s become an oasis for families during the heat of the summertime. Old Hickory Beach sits pretty right on Old Hickory Lake, and myriad recreational opportunities and the chance to park just steps from the waterfront make it a great place to visit. Come by yourself during the week for a quiet respite or bring the fam on the weekend; kids, adults, and groups of folks all have a great time at this beach in Tennessee!

What a fun place to spend the day! It’s not often that you get to swim in a cool and beautiful lake, and Old Hickory Beach in Tennessee makes it easy for you to enjoy a day in the sunshine. You can learn more about this stunning natural spot on its official website.

Address: Old Hickory Beach, 876 Burnett Rd, Old Hickory, TN 37138, USA