The Small Town Near Nashville Boasting World-Famous Scones Is The Sweetest Day Trip Destination

There are plenty of small towns and tight-knit, tidy cities throughout the state of Tennessee, but there are none quite like Savannah. The county seat of Hardin County is small, with less than 7,000 folks calling the town their home, but it’s the city’s expansive history and a small coffee shop with out-of-this-world scones that really put Savannah on the map. If you haven’t been, then you may just need to pack up the kids and leave Music City for a quick adventure.

What a great little town to visit, and those scones look like a dream. You can learn more about the city of Savannah here, friends, and keep an eye on the Selah Coffee Facebook page for updates.

Address: Savannah, TN 38372, USA