The Bagel Sandwiches At Proper Bagel In Nashville Will Have Your Mouth Watering In No Time

The bagel is breakfast’s quintessential hero. Carb-y and decadent, it’s the perfect vehicle for sweet cream cheeses or savory lunch specials piled high with savory meats and crunchy veggies. At Proper Bagel, here in Nashville, Tennessee, folks can sate any craving with a morning (or afternoon!) spent within the eatery’s stunning space. Family-friendly and perfect for folks of all ages, Proper Bagel is where hunger is defeated. Grab your best friend and snag a cup of coffee, because bagels await!

You can find more information about Proper Bagel by way of their official Facebook page.

If you’re hungry for more homegrown eats, check out this classic diner located just south of Nashville’s famed Broadway

Address: 2011 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212, USA