A Tiny Diner South Of Downtown, Hermitage Cafe, Is A Worthy Hidden Gem In Nashville

Nashville is full of contemporary eateries and newly minted restaurants (especially downtown!), but sometimes folks really just want to cozy up in a low-key space with comfort food on the menu. The Hermitage Cafe is located just south of Nashville’s downtown, and it’s been around for a good long time. This is the kind of southern restaurant that not only serves up something yummy, but is endearing in its humble presentation. If you’re looking for someplace to call your own, it’s the Hermitage Cafe.

You can learn more about the classic Hermitage Cafe by way of their official Facebook page.

If you’re looking to make a reservation and dine somewhere a bit more upscale, then definitely check out this beautiful new restaurant in downtown Nashville

Address: 71 Hermitage Ave, Nashville, TN 37210, USA