This Story Of A Serial Killer In Nashville Will Make You Think Twice

Here’s the thing: ANY kind of murderous rampage gives us the willies, as it rightly should. But did you know there was a serial killer in Nashville…? A serial killer, by definition, is someone who murders for abnormal self-gratification, with a cooling off period that averages a month between kills. In this case? We’re talking about Paul Dennis Reid, The Nashville Fast Food Killer.

Reid was arrested in June, after accosting the manager of a Shoney’s who had fired him for violence during work hours. He had been fired the day before the first murders. Gonzalez, the lone survivor, testified against him in court and Reid was ultimately convicted on seven counts of first-degree murder. He received the death penalty – times seven. One for each life he had taken.

End of the story? Reid died on death row in 2008, from complications from pneumonia.