These 16 Songs About Nashville Will Touch Your Soul Today

These songs about Nashville will either touch your soul or get your toes tappin’, but it’s always a neat thing to hear about your homeland (home city…?) in a song. We’ve found a couple of zingers that mention Music City, just to get that Nashville pride on its feet.

16) Crazy Town – Jason Aldean

A subtle nod to our southern Hollywood hip-ness, of course.

15) East Nashville Skyline – Todd Snider

Because East Nashville needed it’s own song. Even with it’s lack of skyline.

14) Home – Ben Rector

Can’t we all relate to this one…?

13) Nashville Without You – Tim McGraw

Ugh. SO CUTE, Tim! Just stop it already – we’re single.

12) Murder On Music Row – George Strait & Alan Jackson

A bit of old school twang to get you in the mood.

11) Wrong Side of Memphis – Trisha Yearwood

90’s Trisha Yearwood gets us every time – Garth got himself a good woman.

10) West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown – Jimmy Buffett

One of our favorite Jimmy Buffett tunes.

9) Strings of Nashville – Pavement

Nashville angst, anyone?

8) Guitar Town – Steve Earle

Well, that we are. If you don’t play guitar you can’t live here. No, really.

7) Tennessee Flat-Top Box – Johnny Cash

Cash simply HAD to make our top ten – obvs.

6) Tennessee Homesick Blues – Dolly Parton

And the Queen of Country, crooning about her Middle Tennessee home – she hails from the east though, folks! SO settle down.

5) Sundown in Nashville – Marty Stuart

The prettiest time of day, if you ask us!

4) Tennessee Line – Daughtry

DAUGHTRY. Your voooooice. C’mon now – all the feels.

3) Round Here – Counting Crows

Again with angst. Real good angst.

2) Nashville Tennessee – Frank Turner

Can you tell this is about Nashville…? Nah. Us neither.

1) Nashville – Noah Gunderson

Everything about this song is perfect. Doesn’t this feel like the current vibe, Nashvillians?

Do you have a favorite…? Let us know in the comments below – oooooor leave an idea of your own! We’d love to hear.