These songs about Nashville will either touch your soul or get your toes tappin’, but it’s always a neat thing to hear about your homeland (home city…?) in a song. We’ve found a couple of zingers that mention Music City, just to get that Nashville pride on its feet. We love these Songs with Nashville in the lyrics, and we think you will, too!

1) East Nashville Skyline – Todd Snider

Because East Nashville needed its own song. Even with its lack of skyline. We love this famous song about Nashville.

2) Home – Ben Rector

Can’t we all relate to this one…? Another great song that mentions Nashville! We put this one on repeat!

3) Wrong Side of Memphis – Trisha Yearwood

1990s Trisha Yearwood gets us every time – Garth got himself a good woman. Another famous song about Nashville to add to your playlist.

4) Strings of Nashville – Pavement

Nashville angst, anyone? What do we think about this one with the song lyrics about Nashville?

5) Guitar Town – Steve Earle

Well, that we are. If you don’t play guitar you can’t live here. No, really. That’s what it feels like anyway, especially with all of these famous songs about Nashville.

6) Tennessee Flat-Top Box – Johnny Cash

Cash simply HAD to make our top ten – obviously. If Johnny Cash puts out a song that mentions Nashville in the lyrics, we are here for it and loving it.

7) Tennessee Homesick Blues – Dolly Parton

And the Queen of Country, crooning about her middle Tennessee home; she hails from the east though, folks! So settle down. But this lovely ballad makes the top of our list of favorites for sure, especially this song with Nashville in the lyrics.

8) Tennessee Line – Daughtry

DAUGHTRY. Your voooooice. C’mon now – all the feels. These song lyrics about Nashville get us going!

9) Round Here – Counting Crows

Again with angst. Real good angst. Another great one for our Nashville list.

10) Nashville Tennessee – Frank Turner

Can you tell this is about Nashville…? Nah. Us neither. Except for the title. And all of the song lyrics about Nashville.

11) Nashville – Noah Gunderson

Everything about this song is perfect. Doesn’t this feel like the current vibe, Nashvillians? We are loving this song that mentions Nashville.

Do you have any other Songs with Nashville in the lyrics that you love too, that we didn’t include in our list? Let us know in the comments below!

Do you have a favorite…? Let us know in the comments below – oooooor leave an idea of your own! We’d love to hear.

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