No one likes to know where the most dangerous places in Tennessee happen to be, but it’s definitely a great thing to know. We’ve scoured the most recent release of crime statistics put forth by the FBI (see link at the bottom of this article) and have made a list of the most dangerous places in our dear state. Does this mean they’re terrible to live in? Nah. Tennessee is pretty fantastic – you just may not want to venture out too late at night. Curious? Take a look! Want to know how the numbers were calculated? See the link at the bottom!

No information was fabricated or subjective, but rather a result of FBI cumulative crime data gathered by our friends at RoadSnacks. If you’re curious about how they reached these numbers, check them out to learn more.

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Most Dangerous Places in Tennessee

What are the most dangerous towns in Tennessee?  

Tennessee is a really beautiful state, no doubt, but that does not mean it’s without its bad parts of town. Of course, statistics can be misleading, and simply because a place appears on “most dangerous” lists shouldn’t be a reason to avoid it altogether. That being said, at the time of this writing, the most dangerous towns in Tennessee (with less than 10,000 residents) include Newport, where you have a 1 in 13 chance of having things stolen from you, Covington, which has both high property crime rates and high violent crime rates, and Savannah, which ranks #8 overall in terms of crime.  

Where are some dangerous places to avoid in Tennessee? 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the wonders of our state. There are some truly awe-inspiring state parks in Tennessee, and the #1 National Park in Tennessee happens to be the #1 National Park in the entire United States (Great Smoky Mountains National Park). Of course, these parks can be dangerous under the right (or should we say wrong?) conditions; weather can change rapidly, and frigid temperatures aren’t uncommon. Other risks include falls from high places, drowning, and more. That being said, there aren’t any parts of Tennessee you should avoid outright; simply visit during the day or, alternatively, take extra precautions to remain safe. It’s important to mention that when it comes to overall crime rates, Tennessee ranks as the fifth most dangerous state in the country, but still – you are relatively safe in most places here nevertheless.  

What are the most dangerous cities in Tennessee?  

We talked about the most dangerous towns in Tennessee above, so how about the most dangerous cities in Tennessee (with populations of 15,000+ residents)? At the time of this writing, the most dangerous cities in Tennessee include Memphis (which is unsurprising as it’s the largest city in the state and by default will have more crime), Dyersburg, Chattanooga, Athens, and Cleveland.  

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