As the sun goes down and darkness covers everything like a thick blanket, the world no longer feels familiar. There is something eerie about the stillness and quiet of long-forgotten places. When you hear stories of a horrid past then your eyes may start playing tricks on you. Is it all a story or are there hints of something more sinister going on? These questions seem to rise when we hear the legends and ghost stories of abandoned areas. Do they hold any truth? We have not just one, but two abandoned tunnels in Tennessee that come with a downright terrifying legend.

Do you believe the legends of these creepy tunnels? Would you visit them when the sky is dark and every shadow seems to move in the moonlight? Even without any ghosts, these tunnels give an eerie feeling just to look at them. So visit them if you dare… 

If you are looking for a fun thing to do near the tunnel that isn’t scary at all, then check out this little train ride in a park!

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