The Tennessee State Prison has long been known for its formidable reputation. The historic structure was built in the late 19th century and opened as a correctional institution in 1898. Although the prison ceased operations in 1992, the building has stood as a testament to a time long since lost to history. The location was used as a filming hotspot for everything from music videos to feature films, and you may have seen the prison in the Oscar-nominated film, “The Green Mile.” Unfortunately, the historic structure took a real beating after the Nashville tornado of March 2020.

Below, you’ll find drone footage taken by Youtube user Ken Heron. It depicts the prison as it once was, while also presenting a current view of the once imposing structure. Even empty, the Tennessee State Prison had an element of grandeur to it.

You can learn more about the state prison right here, and you just might find yourself surprised and what you find. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re watching old films, too! You just might see the famed Tennessee State Prison in all its former architectural glory.

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