These 4 Creepy Asylums In Southern California Are Still Standing… And Still Disturbing

A lot has changed since these four mental hospitals were first opened back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. During those times the mentally ill were often treated with disregard, disrespect and neglect. Many of the treatments that were used in these facilities to attempt to “cure” mental illness are things we consider incredibly inhumane practices today. But back then, it was standard operating procedure.

If you have a fascination with the past then take a look at the history of these four Southern California mental institutions as they all have quite an interesting story.

It’s interesting to hear about the history of these buildings and find out the stories behind them. It makes me realize how much progress we’ve made in our society in how we engage and treat mental illness. Have you heard any other interesting facts about these locations that are worth noting?

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