This Beautiful Hike In Southern California Has A Mouthwatering Restaurant Right Along The Trail

Sometimes all you need is a refreshing hike outside and a bite to eat to feel completely rejuvenated after a long week. Although there are plenty of hikes around Southern California that are quite challenging, we thought you might be interested in an easy hike that also offers a restaurant along the trail. How’s that for the perfect day?! Here’s a look at where you can find this blissful destination in Southern California.

Do you know of any other hikes in Southern California where you can find a restaurant along the trail? If you do, please let us in on the secret as we would love to know. Seriously. Because hiking and eating are pretty much two of the best things in the world.

Looking for another destination where you can explore the outdoors and fuel up at a tasty nearby restaurant? If so, we think you’ll love this day trip to this small town in Southern California that is an outdoor paradise.