14 Things You Quickly Learn When You Move To South Dakota

There are so many reasons to move to South Dakota that we could probably fill an entire book or two. However, there are some things to know before moving to South Dakota to make your transition a smoother one. After all, South Dakota isn’t like other states. It’s much better, of course. If you’re new to the Mount Rushmore state, there are a few things that you’ll quickly learn. Here are just 14 of ’em:

What do you think are some reasons to move to South Dakota? Let us know in the comments! Are you new to South Dakota? Maybe you just want to explore a bit more. Take a look at these 17 must visit places in South Dakota to start planning your next South Dakota adventures.

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Reasons To Move To South Dakota

May 17, 2022

What are the best towns to live in South Dakota?

If you’re looking for the best area to live in South Dakota, look no further than its darling small towns. Some of the best towns in South Dakota are those where everyone knows everyone else and where you might feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Take a peek at Clark, for example. The tiny adorable town boasts a population that hovers around 1,000, perfect if you’re looking for peace and quiet. Give a tip of the hat to Eureka, the wheat capital of the world AND a darling small town that is home to just over 850 residents. Now if you’re looking for the coolest small towns in South Dakota, throw some attention to Belle Fourche. It’s best known as being the geographic center of the United States. Pretty cool, huh? Platte is also a cute town that features a lake and gives off an old-time vibe.

What are some things to know before moving to South Dakota?

Those of us who live here can confidently say that South Dakota is absolutely amazing, but how do we convince others to move here? If you’re not from here, there are a few things to know before moving to South Dakota. History buffs will find it akin to paradise with everything from Mount Rushmore to the homestead of Laura Ingalls Wilder in De Smet. If you’ve never been to South Dakota, you will absolutely fall in love with the landscape. Don’t expect flat land. Nope, this is the home of the Black Hills and breathtaking beauty everywhere you look. You won’t miss the colorful days of fall either when you live in South Dakota. We’ve got some of the very best fall foliage, and worried about losing out on hot and humid summer days? You’ll find ‘em here too, AND you can cool off at one of the state’s many lakes or even in a waterfall swimming hole. There are so many reasons to move to South Dakota, and these are just a scant few.