It’s Official: South Dakota’s Very Own Rapid City Is One Of The Country’s Coolest Small Towns To Visit This Year

The rest of the country has officially been told what we already know: our very own Rapid City is one of the coolest small towns in South Dakota – if not the entire nation! Have you been living under a rock and are not sure what we mean? Well, come on and see for yourself; Rapid City is not just one of the cutest towns in South Dakota. It’s so much more than that – it’s a place where community means everything (and there’s plenty to do). Check it out:

This positively delightful short video highlights all the best of Rapid City in one short summary:

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Address: Rapid City, SD, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Small Towns in South Dakota

May 02, 2023
  1. What are some cute small towns in South Dakota?

South Dakota is known for some of its adorable small towns; after all, it’s not every day someone decides to just up and move to South Dakota, but maybe they should. It’s home to numerous awesome small towns. Some of the cutest small towns in SD are towns like:  

  • Deadwood – This town is famous for its history as a wild western town right on the frontier of the 1876 Gold Rush. They even do re-enactments of historic standoffs downtown sometimes. 
  • Hill City – While Deadwood is perfect for history fans, Hill City is one for lovers of the great outdoors. A saloon, galleries, and so much more await.  
  • Custer – This gorgeous little town is home to great eateries, delightfully unique shops, and so much more. It’s got an adorable main street, too.  

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  1. What are some of the coolest small towns in South Dakota? 

Since there are so many awesome small towns in North Dakota, we figure we want to mention some of the “cooler” ones, for whatever reasons they may be “cool”. Some of our picks for the coolest small towns in North Dakota are:  

  • Dell Rapids – If you’re into old-school theatres, you need to check out the legendary art deco theatre here, which still runs.  
  • Hot Springs – This awesome small town is perfect for the outdoorsy folks, as it’s home to places like a wild horse sanctuary and the Mammoth Site. Neat!  
  • Platte – This adorable little town has, quite possibly, the cutest downtown area in South Dakota.  

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  1. What are some of the safest small towns in South Dakota? 

South Dakota is one of the safer states in the US, and go figure – it's also one of the least populated! That being said, like anywhere else, it has its safe towns and its less-safe towns; some of the safest small towns in South Dakota as of the time of this writing include:  

  • Brandon – With a population of 10,297 and a violent crime rate of just 0.7 per 1000 residents, Brandon is the safest town in the state for now.  
  • Brookings – With a population of 25,088 and a violent crime rate of 1.1 per 1000 residents, Brookings is as safe (if not safer than) as Brandon.  

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