This Is One Of The Single Craziest Things To Ever Happen In South Dakota

When you’re looking at the housing market today, it isn’t unusual to see your average family home in a decent neighborhood going for $250,000 and up. It’s hard to believe that an entire town went up for sale for just that – and as of November of last year, still didn’t have a buyer!

The town of Swett, South Dakota, about a 6 acre parcel of land with a few buildings, went up for sale in 2014 for $399,000, then dropped in price the following year to just $250,000. Many people expressed interest in this site including a Russian movie company wanting to film there and people who just plain wanted to be their own self-appointed mayor.

The buildings still remaining in Swett include an abandoned house that is supposedly haunted, an empty shop, and a bar. Some of the potential buyers were considering buying the entire town for the barn alone, but apparently there were no real takers.

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In South Dakota, however, it doesn’t seem unheard of at all. There was another town put up for sale and successfully sold in Pennington County.

This is definitely one of the more unusual stories to come out of South Dakota. I wonder what the laws are for running your own town with your own local government. There are some crazy laws for many things in South Dakota – you won’t believe some of them!