The Sunrises At Badlands National Park In South Dakota Are Worth Waking Up Early For

Early birds certainly have a bit of advantage on the night owls – especially when it comes to catching sensational sunrises. Even if you’re a night owl, however, chances are you’re going to want to stay up really late or get up really early to sit back, relax, and watch a breathtaking sunrise at Badlands National Park, a unique national park to visit in South Dakota.

Would you agree that this is THE national park to visit in South Dakota? Do you have a favorite spot in Badlands National Park in South Dakota to watch the sunrise? Let us know in the comments! If it’s been too long since you’ve hit the highway on a road trip, follow the road trip to some of the most impressive caves and waterfalls in South Dakota.

Address: Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

National Park To Visit In South Dakota

April 07, 2022

What are some of the best hikes in South Dakota?

We can all probably agree that South Dakota is absolutely gorgeous, boasting some of the most beautiful landscape in the country. One of the best ways to get to know South Dakota and to admire its natural beauty is on a hike. If you’re looking for the best hikes in South Dakota, look no further than the Presidential Trail at Mount Rushmore. The short and sweet trail tallies just half of a mile, and it offers gorgeous views of the iconic South Dakota landmark. Clocking in a just over two miles, the trail to Roughlock Falls is drenched in natural beauty and is particularly pretty during the fall. The easy trek takes you right to an overlook deck, where you can snap photos of the breathtaking cascade. Meander along the 3.8-mile Wind Cave Canyon Trail. The picturesque trail is predominately flat and shows off South Dakota’s natural beauty. You might also pass by local wildlife, including bison and elk.

What are the best things to do outside in South Dakota?

Does it get any better than spending time outside in South Dakota? We have so many things to do outside in South Dakota that we can never really get bored. Sylvan Lake, for example, is a picture-perfect daytrip destination, whether you feel like going for a leisurely stroll, having a picnic, or just lying back and admiring the scenery. Grab your bike if you’re up for an epic adventure and 19 miles along the Sioux Falls Trail Loop, which is absolutely beautiful all-year around but especially during the warmer months. If you’ve got more than a day to spare, you can’t go wrong with a camping adventure at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area. Choose from one of three campsites, where you can fall asleep under the stars after spending the day sailing, swimming, or canoeing. If you prefer staying on land, set off on a scenic hike.

Address: Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA