Here Are the 9 Best Places To Go Sled Riding In South Dakota This Winter

In South Dakota, we pride ourselves on making our own fun. We can assure you, living in the middle of nowhere is as full of adventure as it is peaceful. In the winter, one thing we love to do is go sledding. This article lists a few of the many places to go sled riding in South Dakota.

3. Deer Mountain – Lead

Get ready for the most extreme sled riding in South Dakota at the brand new Zero Gravity Tube Park. The best part of this park is that you don’t have to walk yourself up the hill each time!

5. Snow Kayaking – The Black Hills

In South Dakota, sledding isn’t always enough to feed our hunger for adventure. That’s where snow kayaking comes in!

6. Lead Park – Brookings

This sledding park in South Dakota is so extreme that the city actually shut most of it down. The steepest part of the hill was blocked off by a fence in 2015 due to kids getting injured while sledding. However, the remaining part of the hill that is open is safe and totally legendary!

8. Behind a four-wheeler

Like I said, we get creative and make our own fun. Some of the most fun sled riding in South Dakota is when you are pulled behind an ATV. The best part of this is that you can do it anywhere there is snow.

9. The middle of nowhere

Drive until you find a hill. Get out and sled!

It’s time to get out there and celebrate all the snow we have had this winter! Stay safe and warm and don’t forget to tell us about all of your favorite places to enjoy sled riding in South Dakota winters.