The Mount Rushmore State is home to some of the most pristine and otherworldly landscapes in the country. Its natural beauty is uncontested, and camping is one of the best ways to immerse oneself in it. As such, we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you discover the best campgrounds in South Dakota, and we know you’ll find something to love about each of them.

Best State Park Campgrounds in South Dakota

With over 50 state campgrounds, each offering its own unique appeal and beauty, it is no small task to narrow down the choices to the best of the best. That said, we’ve researched high and low and found that these 3 campgrounds are among the best state park campgrounds in South Dakota.


Best Beach Camping in South Dakota

While South Dakota may be a long distance away from any traditional beaches of the ocean variety, there are many beach-like locales found at the many photogenic lakes and rivers across the state. During the warm summer months, you can still enjoy many beachside activities found at this selection of the best beach campgrounds in South Dakota.

Top Glamping in South Dakota

Glamping is an incredible way to immerse yourself in the peacefulness and beauty of nature while still enjoying the comforts and shelter from the elements that provide a truly comfortable and luxurious camping experience. These are the best glamping sites in South Dakota and you’ll want to add them to your travel bucket list.

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These 10 Amazing Camping Spots In South Dakota Are An Absolute Must See

Best RV Camping Sites in South Dakota

Nothing beats the convenience of being able to travel with an RV across the country and experience many different campgrounds and destinations, all while still enjoying the comforts of your own private living arrangements. Whether you own an RV yourself or choose to rent an RV from a service like RVShare, each of these best RV camping sites in South Dakota offers an unforgettable camping experience.

Best Primitive Tent Camping in South Dakota

For those who prefer the most rustic and rugged camping experience, there are many destinations across Mount Rushmore State that offer seclusion and stunning beauty where you can set up a tent. Check out the best primitive tent camping in South Dakota for a true immersion into the beauty of nature and the landscape that surrounds you.

Which of these best campgrounds in South Dakota are you most excited to add to your camping bucket list? Tag a friend you’d like to travel with to South Dakota in the comments below! And don’t forget to take a look at our guide to the ultimate outdoor essentials before embarking on your next adventure.

If you’re in the mood for some water fun, check out this exciting campground with a waterslide in the Black Hills.

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Best Campgrounds in South Dakota

What are the most popular state parks in South Dakota?

The most popular state parks in South Dakota include the following:


For additional state parks that may be lesser-known but still worth visiting, check out these 10 under-appreciated parks in South Dakota.

What time of year is best for camping in South Dakota?

The best time of year for camping in South Dakota is during the warm summer months. South Dakota is notorious for its frigid and unforgiving winters, and the fall and spring seasons can bring unpredictable weather due and frequent frontal systems bringing strong winds across the region. The summer months are not only the warmest, but they are generally the calmest in terms of wind, which is certainly a plus for those wanting to pitch a tent somewhere in the Mount Rushmore State.

Where can I find secluded campgrounds in South Dakota?

Secluded campgrounds can be found just about anywhere in South Dakota. Due to the rugged and remote landscape across much of the state, primitive camping opportunities are endless. A handful of ideas for secluded camping can be found below, and as always, please be sure to Leave No Trace behind you so we can keep these primitive places natural and wild:


For additional campground ideas, check out our list of 10 must-see camping spots in South Dakota.

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