Here Is The Most Remote, Isolated Spot In North Dakota And It’s Positively Breathtaking

South Dakota is a vast and huge state, full of varying landscapes that many know and love. There is a LOT of space, enough space that the “McFarthest Spot” is here: the place that is farthest away from any McDonalds fast food chain restaurants in the country. But beyond that, have you ever wondered how far you can get from civilization here?

The Remote Footprints Project is working towards finding the most remote spot in every state. These spots must be as far as possible from any towns or roads to completely break away into nature. Here is what they have found to be the most remote spot in South Dakota, a point right in the middle of the Sage Creek Wilderness Area of the Badlands National Park.

Sage Creek is an area of the Badlands National Park that is open for free primitive camping. Outside of the camp loop, you can hike to this spot and truly be as immersed in nature as possible. For more information on the Sage Creek Wilderness Area, click here.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Remote Footprints Project page on South Dakota’s most remote spot and the rest of the places they’ve been.