South Dakota Has Its Own Area 51 And The Stories Behind It Are Truly Bizarre

Everyone has heard of Area 51 and has a strong opinion of it one way or another. What is yours? In 2019, the supposed alien-infested location was back in the news, as a supposed one million visitors planned to storm the mysterious place to “see them aliens.” While the raid never happened, it got us thinking: have there been alien sightings here in SoDak? Come to find out, there have been and the story behind the largest one is truly bizarre.

Even though the possibility of a UFO was ruled out, many to this day believe that is exactly what flew over the Dakotas in the early 1950s. Are you one of these believers, or do you think there is another explanation for this strange occurrence? Let us know in the comments! For even more Only in South Dakota controversy, check out these 5 Conspiracy Theories In South Dakota That Will Make You Question The Truth.

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